Monday, January 10, 2011

"The World Should Know Her Name"

A while back I was invited to join in a project  called "The World Should Know Her Name"  which followed the journies of 20 breast cancer survivors.  I quickly accepted....not knowing where my journey would lead.  We had our hair (the little bit that I have lol) done alone with our makeup and then we were interviewed and photographed.  The pictures and interviews are going to be on sale on Feb. 4th at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 6 to 10 pm.  This even will be hosted by Agito, which is a non-profit organization.  Proceeds from the art show will go to Thompson Cancer Survival Center's Thompson Cares Fund.  Along my way I have met amazing women who individual story inspired and uplifted me and I am so grateful to have been a part of this.  If you live in Knoxville I invite you to come by the Art Show on Febuary 4th....I believe in what Agito is doing and how they are using the true life experiences of all these breast cancer patients to not only raise money but raise awareness.  If you would like to donate or get more information on Agito you can contact me or...just go to their website  Below is a poster displaying all other amazing women that will be displayed at the art show along with one of my photos.

Before the actual art show there is going to be a meet and greet where you can get more information on the Art Show and on Agito. That's gonna be on January 29th from 4-7 pm at the Cherokee Health Systems on Western Avenue...they will be selling wing and drink plates for $6 and there will be door prizes like a $100 walmart gift card. It's gonna be a good time....hope anyone and everyone can come.

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