Diagnosis and Treatment

Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (2011)
I have been re-diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to my Brain, Liver, and Sub-sternal lymph nodes.  I had currently doing full brain radation and IV Herceptin and taking it step by step.
Stage I Malignant Carcinoma 2010 (Breast Cancer)
I have been re-diagnosed with a new case of cancer and as of this moment the only option to protect me is to have a right-sided masectomy.
I have also begun a new pill called Tykerb that I take 5 times a day that works along side my IV herceptin to treat HER 2 New Positive Cancer
Stage II Malignant Carcinoma 2009 (Breast Cancer)

Dec 14th 2009- Lumpectomy surgery and Nodual disection......so in real people terms.....I had 1.5 inches of tissue taken out on my right side along with 16 lymph nodes.  Only 2 of the 16 lymph nodes were cancerous so that is a good thing but its also why I was stage II b/c I had lymph node involvement.  All the margins or area surrounding the tissue they took out was clear so thats awesome and means I am done with surgery :)
2009- doing treatment once a week with Herceptin and every 3 weeks with Carboplatin and Taxotrene (the yucky drugs)
I will continue the Carboplatin and Taxotrene for a total of 6 treatments...so about 4 months. After I am done with the Carboplatin and Taxotrene aka the "Yucky Drugs"  I have radiation treatments 5 days a week for six weeks.
After that I will only get Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year.    Whew...that sounds exhausting lol......hope I'm ready....actually I know I am :)