Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Listening and Waiting

So in my mind I had already written this post......I laid out for myself how I was going to write without sounding too sad that I had cancer again on my other side.  However, the Lord works in mysterious ways and he had another plan.  To explain the whole situation let me take you back a few weeks ago.
I of course had to take my normal Kung Foo Fighting Pic before my Mammogram lol
I had just gone in for my routine 6 month mammogram and was thrown for a loope when I was told I was also scheduled for my routine MRI.  You see I HATE MRIs because I am highly chlosterphobic and so putting me in a hole for almost half an hour tends to freak me out.  I tend to deal with it better if I cry and freak out about it at home so by the time I get there I've pretty much worn myself out....pitiful yes....but did it work.....you bet it did! lol 
Well a few days after the MRI I got a call from the radiologist saying that a small area had shown up on the MRI on my remaining left breast.  So I immediately knew what that meant......a MRI biopsy....aka "worst fear"!  I know many out there who read this blog and know many others with cancer probably may not realize the pain and suffering that goes into the tests doctors perform on us to determine if we have cancer.  One of the worst I can think of is bone marrow biopsies and liver biopsies....they are extremely painful.  With an MRI biopsy they not only put you in a hole while your face down....they then proceed to jab a needle in your chest filled with lidocaine, which by the way burns like non-other, and then if you move they have to start all over again.  The whole process takes about 45 minutes and for me is torture.  I prayed, I cried, and I talked to my most amazing friends, nurses and family about it until I was blue in the face and I agreed to do it.  I gave myself enough benadryl to make me too tired to cry and then I took some valium so pretty much I was a walking Zombie but by the grace of God I can say I made it through it.  A few days later the radiologist called saying it was just scar tissue and that I was in the clear.
And then the strangest thing happened after I hung up the phone......I wasn't filled with happiness I was filled with so many emotions that all I could do was cry.  You think to yourself...gah...you must be crazy.  I felt like I had made the people I had told feel sorry for me when really there was nothing wrong.....like I had thrown a pitty party for myself and I was sick about it.  And you see.....I want to have reconstruction at some point and I have contemplated letting them take my other breast but if you've never done it let me tell you that giving permission for a doctor to cut off a part of your body is a heartbreaking thing to do and I felt like I needed a sign.....and for me I was going to take this new situation as God's way of telling me that I needed to have the breast removed and now I didn't have a clear sign anymore and I felt like I was lost...AGAIN!  Cancer is a funny and horrible thing.......you let them cut you and then you agree to let them cut you again to fix what they orginally cut in the first place.  It leaves you confused and wondering which way to go. 
I've finally reached the point where I can look at the myself in the mirror and see the slash that goes across my chest where a breast once stood....however...I don't look for long because my heart breaks all over again.  I've said it before and it still stands true...I can't wait for the day when I  see my savior and he makes me new.... and fixes what cancer has taken from me.  I'm in a weird place......I want to feel like a woman again....but I don't want to be cut on.  I want God to sit down with me in person.....I want him to clearly tell me what to do.......but you see that is probably my problem......in all the words I have just typed I have just typed the words "I want".  And the truth is I need to just sit and listen to what he wants.  I am kind of fearful about posting this because well one of my biggest fears is people just being there because they feel sorry for me.  I've had it happen and if you've ever been sick I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  So let me say this while what I went through wasn't the easiest thing ever there are people that have it worse......people's whose suffering is waaayyy beyond mine or anything I can imagine.  But I've learned that its ok to admit that what you are going through is tough even if there are those that have it worse.  I think this quote says it best "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain".  While for some I know the storm may not be from cancer but  I know that life can sometimes seem like all its doing is raining down on you.  In those moments I always think of a song from casting crowns that is based off of Psalm 121 and its says "I lift my eyes unto the hills where does my help come from, my help comes from the Lord the maker of Heaven and Earth"
Like I said in the beginning the Lord works in mysterious way and his thoughts are not my thoughts and his ways not my ways and so for now I will sit and listen to the one voice I need to hear above all others.
"I trust in you, O Lord; I say, "You are my God." My times are in your hands." Psalm 31:25-15
Oh and one last thing...when you say your prayers tonight would you say one for my dear friend Karson and her Husband Jason.  She is in the Young Cancer Survivor Group that I go to and has been battling metastatic breast cancer for over 2 years and after too many surgeries she is having to do chemo again....UGH!  I tear up just talking about her...she and her husband are two of the sweetest and most humble people I have ever had the priveledge of knowing. :)  Check out her CaringBridge blog! :)

We Love Smores! :)

Me and Karson

Also I have a few other friends who are battling reoccurrence Mandy and Leslie. Here we all are at the cancer camp we went to in Colorado.

Oh and my sweet friend Morgan who I met through my blog she is only 19 and battling breast cancer. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Race For The Cure :)

So we recently had the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure  and Buddy's Race For The Cure and WOW looking back on the pictures what a difference a year makes. I am beyond grateful for another year to celebrate survival with those I love.  I am also so blessed to have people come out and show their support at the race.  You know when you really think about it no one is obligated to be there for you when you're sick.  No one HAS to call you, or send letters, texts, emails, facebook messages, etc.  And the fact that people actually do this really blows me away and well brings tears to my eyes.....God has truly blessed me.  And now that that teary moment is over (lol) here's some fun pics from the race :)

Stretching Before the Walk lol

Me and Chemo Bear :)

Team Keep HOPE Alive :)

Me and Stefani (Survivor Buddies)

Survivors and Our Survivor Co-Chair (lol) Lucilla

Friday, November 4, 2011

Your MAN Reminder

So my friend had this posted on her facebook page and I just had to share.  Hope it puts a little laughter in your day like it did mine.  Oh and if you have an iphone there's even an app to go along with it....lol :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st Hair Cut

I also had another milestone in my cancer journey....I got my first Hair Cut.  My sweet friend Chris cut it for me and it was a special moment.  Its been almost 2 years since I've had my hair cut and I will say you don't appreciate things like a simple hair cut until you dont' have the hair to cut.  It's a small victory in the battle but you celebrate the small things and that is what I try to do. I am so thankful for sweet friends that will take the time out of their day to give a simple, yet amazing hair cut. The one thing I thank god the most for is having the ability to roll down the window on nice fall days, turn my music up, and let the wind hit my HAIR and not care that's its gonna mess it up.  God can teach you so much from the little things in life if we just take the time to listen :)
My Friend Chris and I

My Attempt At Trying to Show my Hair Cut

Michael Jackson Called He Wants His Glove Back ;)

Well I realize that I have officially been the biggest slacker of them all when it comes to updating my blog. So far life has been moving along at a pretty fast pace and sometimes at certain points I forget that I was ever sick.  However, chemo and cancer being the two trouble makers that they are.....have made it so that I would not forget about them that easily.  About six months ago I began to notice that I was having some swelling in my hand on my "cancer side".  I tried to ignore it because well honestly I flippin hate going to the doctor....it takes up my day and is kinda depressing because its a reminder that well I've had cancer.  So all my ignoring came to a halt when I looked down at my right hand one day and noticed you could not longer see the tendons in my hand like you could on my left hand and that I had no knuckles when I bent my hand.  I figured at this point that I should go see the lymphedema doctor that I had been to before.  So after a quick examination of my hand and some
<><> <><> <><>
"Fat Hand" as I call her is on the Left
measurements of my hand and arm she told me that the slight case of lymphedema that had one just been in my arm had now moved to my hand.  So for the past couple months we have tried different wrappings that were ineffective in treating the lymphedema in my hand.  For those that do not know what lymphedema is, it is caused when your lymphatic system is compromised.  With me the compromise in my system happened when I had 20 lymph nodes removed over less than 1 year in 2 different surgeries.
<><> <><> <><>
"No Kuckle Fat Hand" lol

Your lymph system serves as a filter for your body and so when you do not have the nodes anymore to filter the lymph or "dirt" like i think of it, the lymph backs up in your body and for me it has gone into my hand.  Believe me I know it could be worse but as 26 year old woman it is beyond frustrating having your hand wraped up swollen and hurting all the time.  After a few weeks of unsuccessful wrappings that did not decrease the swelling the doctor determined my hand was not edematous (filled with fluid) like most people but was actually fibrotic scar tissue, which is alot more difficult to fix.
<><> <><> <><>
Attempt #1 at Being Like Michael Jackson
<><> <><> <><>
My Michael Jackson Hand lol
As you can see they have tried a few different wrapping techniques.....which are all fine and well until you try and wash your hands....and oh wait...U CAN'T!  The tape you see on my arm in the above picture is called Kinesio tape which is designed to pull at the lymph vessels, which are directly below the surface of the skin, and help stimulate the lymph vessels to help move the fluid out of my hand.  They have also put the tape across my back and side because they was also fluid collection there too.  Who knew messing with your lymph nodes could cause such problems???  I would have posted pics of the tape on my side and back but I decided that I didn't wanna scar people with those kinda pics...lol...let's just say I never miss breakfast lol ;)  So for now I have an awesome looking glove and sleeve that I wear that looks alot better than all these wrappings......it was only about $500 for the set.....thank you Jesus for insurance! So why there are reasons for me to be frustrated I try and stay positive.  My hand is a constant reminder of the battle I have fought but its just a glove on my hand and if that's all I gotta wear at this point I'll take it and pray for peace in my day to day frustrations.  After a while I have found humor in it all...for example...almost every old person looks at my hand and asks if I have arthritis and before I can say "no" they start asking where they can get an arthritis glove like mine...lol.  Needless to say I have found a way to keep the conversations like that to a minimum...and they go a little like this
Customer:  Oh wow...is that an arthritis glove?
Me: well......
Customer:  me, my mom, and my sister all have arthritis and I'd love to have one of those
Me:  well actually my hand just swells sometimes so its a compression glove...
Customer:  Oh u mean like from carpal tunnel?
Me:  Well no...but you know you might check your local walgreens I hear they have great selections of arthritis gloves
Customer: oh wow..thank you
Now that ladies and gentlemen is the way to stop the conversation b/f they tell the rest of their life story lol
At first I was frustrated with the way every customer asked me what happened to my hand...my favorite line was always when they asked if I'd burned my hand??? I'd say no but think to myself "well if I had burned myself I appreciate how you drew attentions to it but asking me lol".  You gotta love working with the public they are sooo entertaining.  But you know God has a reason for everything and if this glove allows me to share my story with one person and glorify God in it all then well that's ok by me :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awake To the Moments

Seems lately I feel like I've spent a lot of time wishing parts of my life back.  I miss my child hood days when I can't remember what I was even worried about....when my biggest fear was who was I gonna sit next to at lunch time or if the cute boy at school like me.  Today seems so far from the simple days of my childhood.......I feel like the second I'm forgettin about one problem I'm thinking about another....wondering what life holds for me. I've had some lonely moments her recently and one of my bestest friends recently told me....your trying to do it all by yourself....you've got to give it to God.  I know we all feel alone and this is definitely not a pity party for Sarah post because I know we all feel alone sometimes...no matter what your going through.  I came upon this video today and read this verse in my devotions last night.....hope u enjoy :)
Matthew 6:34
"So don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mammograms, Ultrasounds, and Kung Foo Fighting...say WWHHHATTT!!

So last week I went for my 1st  mammogram and ultrasound since surgery.  I had to take a picture of the biopsy table.....while its easy to see this as a sad place I choose to see it as a place where I was lucky enough, while on this table, to be surounded by amazing radiologists and during every biopsy a nurse named Lisa stood holding my hand...she is the amazing, wonderful, kind, and the most humble nurse anyone could ask for. Now keep in mind that the moment I see a needle tears come to my eyes..I've been known to make more than one nurse cry...I'm pretty pitiful...I'll admit lol.....but Lisa has cried with me during every moment......and I choose to be happy that even though I hate needles and biopsies I was surrounded by love during all of my ordeals :)
So back to the real story....the mammogram and ultra-sound were of course clear like they always are......and I was of course was  relieved.   However, I won't lie.....I don't really "trust" the mammograms or ultrasounds....the only time they have picked up something on the mammogram or ultrasound is after I found it! I will say I am so unbelievable thankful for all the people at KCBC....when I say anyone and everyone I meet there is always smiling....always so warm and caring to me and though I know I don't always say it...it means so much to be some-where that people genuinely care about patients...I try and remember their kindness when I am frustrated at work...I try and be to other what they have been to me...a blessing...a smile to brighten their day. So while anxiety ran high while waiting to go back and I did have some relief that everything was clear. I even had time to realize that my sumo robe made me look like a Kung Foo Fighter...don't you agree ha ha

Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting :)

 I realize that I struggle with being afraid that I will live the rest of my life in fear of what the future holds. But then I think....doesn't everyone live like that in some way. Fear is a part of life.......but its trusting that this life is not the end that there's something greater after it...that there's a God whose bigger than anything I or you may ever go through. :) WOW...its easy to write....but harder to fathom. A friend that I have gained through my blog wrote me an email the other day....it moved me so much I have to share because its an honest depiction of some of the thoughts those who have had breast cancer have:

"As much as I KNOW God is in control of my life, I wish just once He would put skin on and sit next to me and TELL me OUT LOUD that He’s there. We put these masks on for others, but inside, it’s hard to find the why, the purpose, and the “rest of your life” in it all. Boy, I didn’t mean for this to sound down and dreary. But I want you to know that, in a world of people who say “everything will be fine” that there are those of us who understand the human side, those of who have been there, lost a boob, and look at that scare and wonder. . . ."
We all wonder...and I wonder if it will always be like this.  Everyday I have to wake up and think I'm alive...God didn't want me yet....he has a purpose for my life.......I just have to choose to trust him and take it one day...one step at a time :)  I hope everyone who reads this can listen to the video I posted below.......when I first heard thing song I was brought to tears..the chorus to the song says it all :) No matter what your going through I hope today you feel God's love and his arms surrounding you...no matter what the situation :)

"Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near
And what if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise"


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suffering and healing

So there something I've been wanting to write about on my blog for a while now.  I've had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what and/or how to say it...without sounding like a big ole complainer.  But I feel like I could not have an honest blog about what its been like to go through breast cancer without writing about this.  Many know that I had a right sided mastectomy last November.  And for those that do not know what a mastectomy is...it means that my right breast was removed..........seems its alot easier when I use a big word to describe what actually was done.......b/c when I have to explain what that means many time I feel tears filling my eyes.  At dinner recently with a close friend I had to explain to her what mastectomy meant......and it didn't matter that we were in the middle of a restaurant....the tears flowed freely between us both when the reality of what had happened was set on the table.  The thing is thousands of women unfortunately have to have this done every year and I hate it...I wish there was another way.  Everyone experiences it in different ways....for some they get it done....and move on....on just keep it to themselves but for others such as myself...it seems I can't get away from it.  I still find it excruciating to look at myself in the mirror....I usually stand on my left side so when I see myself I will look "normal".  I have a prosthesis or "foob" (fake boob) as I like to call it and it has helped alot to improve myself esteem.  My only problem is that sometimes u can see it in tank tops.
I say all that to say this....I have found in the past few weeks that I'm angry. Almost like I'm angry with God.....but why? he didn't do that to me.  I know in my heart God didn't create cancer.  But I'd be lying if I didn't admit I have questioned him.......why couldn't this have waited until after I had children....until I was older...I mean why was putting my breast on the chopping block the only way.  I combine my frustrations with having cancer twice and then have to bury my father and brother in less than 3 years. I feel like I am just waiting on the next horrible thing to happen...like I'm awaiting the next goodbye I will have to say to a loved one. Its all a little over whelming for me when I stop and think about it.  I wanna feel sorry for myself.....I want pity...but most of all I want it to  have NEVER happened.  But the cold hard truth is that it did happened  and the truth is no matter what age its unfair...plain and simple.  I find the anger wells up inside me many times I just go to sleep to distract myself from the pain.  I have been approved for reconstruction and in August after I graduate I plan on doing the first surgery.  Though my head says "yea now you can get on the road to feeling proportional again".....my heart says "ugh...another surgery...ur gonna let them cut you AGAIN"  For the type of surgery I need they will have to cut my back open and move the muscle to the front to create a breast.  The thought brings tears to my eyes and a sickness in my stomach.  Until August I am gonna be in deep prayer that I can come to a peace about this.  My last surgery was so "unpeaceful" that I'd like to have a little less anxiety about this one. 
After I have said all of that I say this......its times like these when I tell my God...my father...my friend....my frustrations that I feel like I understand the truth meaning of having a relationship with God....spending time with him........being honest with him and trusting that he knows what he's doing and he is with u....even in ur darkest times of trouble.  I want everyone to know that  no matter what you are suffering through at the moment know its ok to take time to grieve, to feel sorry for urself....its ok to just take some time for u.  Do I think time has healed my wound...NO...but do I think Jesus can heal my wound...those physical and emotional YES!  There will come a day when all the hurting and sadness of this world will be gone...though many times I wonder if that day will every really come.  This week God gave me the perfect verse for all my fears:
 Revelation 21:4 "He will wipe every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain, All these things are gone forever"
  I was also recently was given this bible verse and it really spoke to me and what I am going through right now....
1 Peter 5:10 "In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you in a firm foundation"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

If I Had My Life To Live Over by Erma Bombeck

I was just sent this by a friend and loved it so much I had to share.......

IN honor of women's history month and in memory of Erma Bombeck who lost her fight with cancer.


(written after she found out she was dying from cancer).

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle..

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, 'Later... Now go get washed up for dinner.' There would have been more 'I love you's, more 'I'm sorry's.'

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute; look at it and really see it; live it and never give it back. STOP SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF!

Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what.

Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

26 years of Gratitude

So recently I celebrated my 26th birthday.  I can honestly say this year is dramatically different than any other year.  Last year I was in the middle of chemo....hardly able to eat a meal.  This year I was able to enjoy not one but two birthday cakes.  WOW.....what a difference a year can make.  There have been times I forgot what it was like to be able to just eat whatever I wanted on special occasions....b/c of the major stomach problems that chemo caused me and I found it funny that this year one of the things I was most grateful for was the ability to eat my favorite thing....ICING! It sounds so simple but when u loose control of things in your life you never really took the time to think about before....and then you finally get them back you are so appreciative for them. 
My whole class  at school threw me a surprise birthday party...needless to say when I walked into the room decorated with Cinderella, a table full of food and a projector screen playing "A dream is a wish your heart makes" the tears flowed freely. Just FYI in case you didn't know or realize I absolutely LOVE Cinderella...hopin one day to make my 1st trip to disney world to meet her. lol I know its crazy I'm 26 and love cinderella but I say it makes me smile and everyone has a kid inside them :)
 Who am I to deserve this........I was and am overwhelmingly grateful for a classroom full of amazingly sweet people who would open their hearts and think of me on my birthday......its definitely more than I deserve and I could not thank them enough.  I also got a night with some of my best friends...to just celebrate my b-day :)  But the biggest thing that I was appreciative of on my birthday this year was.....my life.  It  almost sounds generic but after being told I have cancer twice in less than 1 year....I feel blessed to be alive.  The results of my second round of tests could have easily been worse........but God was there and is still here. Did I have to loose a part of me to save myself...yes....but I remember God says he is with us to the ends of the earth.  I mean even when Jonah was swallowed by a whale he could not escape from God......I know  he walked with me, held my hand, and caught all my tears.....and this year on my birthday I give him the glory for giving me another year to live, laugh, and love.  I hope this year I can do as much as I can for other...to show his love....to give back a some of the  extraordinary love I have been show. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pill Pill Pills...Can U Take My Pills

So after my 2nd diagnosis and mastectomy....my doctors opted not to do chemo and to keep me on the Herceptin and have me begin to take a drug called Tykerb.    The tykerb ended up having a $800 co-pay on it with my insurance (it was $3600 a bottle).........I was in shock when they told me that price! Fortunately I got on a patient assistance program that paid all of it for me...thank the lord.  I started taking Tykerb right after my mastectomy....5 pills a day.  Combine that with the other pills I take for hot flashes and my estrogen blocking pill and a pill for sleep...i was taking a total of 10 pills a day.  Although I would much rather take pills than chemo it was a little over whelming for me.  Well I finished the pills up a few weeks ago and for now my oncologist just wanted to "watch me" and wants me to continue taking my tamoxifen and hot flash medication.  It's kind  funny cause I'll tell people when I start turning red that I'm having a hot flash and many women will look at me like I"m crazy and I'll be like "no seriously I am" but it's obvious they don't be lieve me lol until I explain everything to them.   I have told my doctor that I'm still pretty worried b/c when I was on meds to prevent cancer I was re-diagnosed and now they just wanna take me off those meds and "watch me"....I mean SERIOUSLY! I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm a little afraid of what could lie in my future. I know it's just satan toiling with my head but still he gets to me sometimes lol. I trust that God's got it under control but I'm only human and I fear the unknown....but when u think about it...its things that like that truly test and strengthen ur faith b/c I know I don't put my trust in stupid chemo....I trust my doctors of course...but I put my full trust in my heavenly father b/c trusting in the things of this world will only let me down......but having an eternal perspective makes everything clearer to me.  So for now I'm happy to enjoy the sunshine and the snow :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I have celebrated many things in the past few months and one huge thing was my last IV herceptin treatment.  It was a bittersweet thing and yet scary all at the same time.  Beginning in Febuary 3, 2010 I began taking Herceptin as a part of my chemotherapy treatment every wednesday. In May when my chemo was over I started doing Herceptin every 3 weeks.  This drug never really made me sick or made my hair fall out......it was actually not bad at all...which is kind weird for me to say that about any medication that has to do with cancer but really Herceptin never affected me.  After I started school in september I would go after class and get my treatment and then head to work.  So on January 20 2011 when I received my last treatment I realized what a big step for me it was. I went through and counted it and I have had 27 treatments of herceptin........27 times I have sat in that chair....27 times I have watched as new women came and sat down next to me......27 times I have sat in a room that to many may seem dark and many times I saw it that way....but I'm here to tell you there's a light at the end of the tunnel. You see I look at cancer and my treatments as small milestones. You celebrate every victory, no matter how small you celebrate....because life is too short not to enjoy it and laugh and smile as often as possible.    That big treatment room held so many memories for me both good and bad.  I've grown up in there in a way.....I'm definitely not who I was the first day I walked in there over a year ago........terrified of my first chemo treatment and what the future would hold.  I could never have imagined what life would bring.  For my last treatment a bunch of the nurses dress up in silly costumes and gather round you and sing "Hit the Road Jack"....I'm workin on gettin the video but for now I have a few pics. As they began to sing the song my angel nurse Jenny in her Regae outfit accompanied w/dread locks began to cry and of course I did to.....they were happy and hopeful tears......tears of the times we had spent together and hard times she had helped me through. You also get a "survivor" hat and of course my sweet mommie brought me a cake. Can't imagine how I would have gotten through this without her.  As of right now my future is still uncertain.......but I know its all in the hand of my gracious and loving heavenly father who plans for me are bigger and better than any I can see.  For now I press on......and have faith in a God who I know is the one true physician. :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Agito Presents: "The World Should Know Her Name"

Soooo "The World Should Know Her Name" event at the Knoxville Museum of Art was SUCCESS!  If I could only tell you the outpooring of love I saw that night...it was amazing.  I am not sure how much money was raised for Thompson Cancer Center's "Thompson Cares" fund which give money to those going through chemo for bills and other expenses....but I'm sure it was alot. :)  I believe I was awe struck when while being escorted down the stairs I saw my picture hanging on the wall...it was one amazing night!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"The World Should Know Her Name"

A while back I was invited to join in a project  called "The World Should Know Her Name"  which followed the journies of 20 breast cancer survivors.  I quickly accepted....not knowing where my journey would lead.  We had our hair (the little bit that I have lol) done alone with our makeup and then we were interviewed and photographed.  The pictures and interviews are going to be on sale on Feb. 4th at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 6 to 10 pm.  This even will be hosted by Agito, which is a non-profit organization.  Proceeds from the art show will go to Thompson Cancer Survival Center's Thompson Cares Fund.  Along my way I have met amazing women who individual story inspired and uplifted me and I am so grateful to have been a part of this.  If you live in Knoxville I invite you to come by the Art Show on Febuary 4th....I believe in what Agito is doing and how they are using the true life experiences of all these breast cancer patients to not only raise money but raise awareness.  If you would like to donate or get more information on Agito you can contact me or...just go to their website http://www.agitoinc.org/default.html  Below is a poster displaying all other amazing women that will be displayed at the art show along with one of my photos.

Before the actual art show there is going to be a meet and greet where you can get more information on the Art Show and on Agito. That's gonna be on January 29th from 4-7 pm at the Cherokee Health Systems on Western Avenue...they will be selling wing and drink plates for $6 and there will be door prizes like a $100 walmart gift card. It's gonna be a good time....hope anyone and everyone can come.