Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I have celebrated many things in the past few months and one huge thing was my last IV herceptin treatment.  It was a bittersweet thing and yet scary all at the same time.  Beginning in Febuary 3, 2010 I began taking Herceptin as a part of my chemotherapy treatment every wednesday. In May when my chemo was over I started doing Herceptin every 3 weeks.  This drug never really made me sick or made my hair fall was actually not bad at all...which is kind weird for me to say that about any medication that has to do with cancer but really Herceptin never affected me.  After I started school in september I would go after class and get my treatment and then head to work.  So on January 20 2011 when I received my last treatment I realized what a big step for me it was. I went through and counted it and I have had 27 treatments of herceptin........27 times I have sat in that chair....27 times I have watched as new women came and sat down next to me......27 times I have sat in a room that to many may seem dark and many times I saw it that way....but I'm here to tell you there's a light at the end of the tunnel. You see I look at cancer and my treatments as small milestones. You celebrate every victory, no matter how small you celebrate....because life is too short not to enjoy it and laugh and smile as often as possible.    That big treatment room held so many memories for me both good and bad.  I've grown up in there in a way.....I'm definitely not who I was the first day I walked in there over a year ago........terrified of my first chemo treatment and what the future would hold.  I could never have imagined what life would bring.  For my last treatment a bunch of the nurses dress up in silly costumes and gather round you and sing "Hit the Road Jack"....I'm workin on gettin the video but for now I have a few pics. As they began to sing the song my angel nurse Jenny in her Regae outfit accompanied w/dread locks began to cry and of course I did to.....they were happy and hopeful tears......tears of the times we had spent together and hard times she had helped me through. You also get a "survivor" hat and of course my sweet mommie brought me a cake. Can't imagine how I would have gotten through this without her.  As of right now my future is still uncertain.......but I know its all in the hand of my gracious and loving heavenly father who plans for me are bigger and better than any I can see.  For now I press on......and have faith in a God who I know is the one true physician. :)

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Lupita said...

Hi my name is lupita and I also have been thru a journey . I only need 2 more herceptin treaments ans I just can't wait and yes I'm scared of what's next

God luck