Funny Stories!

Man Calling Into the Pharmacy
Me:  Pharmacy??
Customer:  Yes Can I talk to that girl that's got the cancer and wears the hat???
Me: The Girls that's go the cancer and wears the hat???....well that would be me
Customer:  Well honey I couldn't remember you name to save my life....
Me:  Well if you ask for the girl that's god the cancer and wears the hat you are going to get me every

Nurse Admistering My IV Before My Port Placement:
Me:  "Sooo how's this whole you're not going to put me to sleep "all the way" thing gonna work when it comes to me not feeling anything cause I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to feel anything
Nurse:  "Oh you be ok...we give you Michael Jackson drugs...except you wake up!"
That's exactly what I needed to hear before I went back into surgery. lol

Stalker At Work on My Break
So let's set up the scene:  I'm reading a people magazine...on my break" w/one hand on my cheek..lost in the gossip
Stalker:  Hey "Lil Mama"
Me:  Hoping he's not talking to me
Staker:  "Yo face hurtin"
Me:  "no"
Stalker:  "Oh I just saw you was holding it so I was just work here?"
Me:  "Yea...over in pharmacy"
(its at this point I wanna smack myself...I mean did I just tell this guy WHERE in the store I worked.....GAH....What was I thinking!)
Stalker:  "You show me how to use this machine"
Me:  "The self check-out? push START.....then you scan the item"
Stalker:  "Ooooo Ok I see"
Me:  "Alright I gotta go" I take the longest way possible to avoid him and get back to the pharmacy ASAP

Man at the Cash Register At Work
Man:  "Awww....Look at your Easter Bonnet"
Me:  "Easter Bonnet???"
Man:  "Well I don't mean Easter look beautiful"
Why you look so pretty if some man don't get you a valentine's Day card I"m gonna bring you one myself! lol

Old Man At Work
Man: "Oh darlin....I love your hat"
Me:  "Thank you"
(its at this point I begin to explain to him why I have hat on)
Man:  "I am so sorry to hear know Cancer has killed my ENTIRE wife's family"
Me:  "Oh WOW...i'm so sorry to hear that.....but I've had surgery and I just gotta do chemo and radiation and I'll be good"
Man:  "You know what really kills you.....THE CHEMO!"
(its at this point I decide its in my best interest to leave before he says something else...but as you will read he was on a role lol)
Me:  "Well I gotta go...see you later"
Man:  "I sure hope so!"
Seriously!......I couldn't make this up lol

Door Greeter at Work
Door Greeter:  "Why ye got that cap on ye head?"
I take a second and contemp plate carefully what he just said and how should respond
Me:  "I have cancer"
Door Greeter"  "In ye head?"
Me:  "No in my breast"
Door Greeter:  "Oh"
That conversation ended pretty quickly ha say "breast" and it freaks em out every time lol

My Friend Amy
Amy:  "Sooo my boob hurts"
Me:  "Do you feel a knot"
Amy:  "No"
Me:  "Okay....hmmmmmm"
Amy:  "Is breast cancer contagious"
ha ha ha.....if you can't laugh you'll never get through it ;)

Man at the Register
Man:  "They let u wear yo dew rag in the pharmacy?"
Me:  "Um...yea"....."Actually...I'm ungoing chemo so they don't really have a choice"
Man:  "Oh .....yea....yea I figured that"

Lady at the Register
Lady:  "Honey when you ever gonna stop wearing that hat on your head"
Me:  "Well I guess when my hair comes back"
Lady:  "Oh honey that happened to me one time I died my hair one color and then another and then it started comin out in my hands"
Me:  Well mine was a little came out because of chemo"
Lady:  "Come again?"
Me:  "Chemotherapy"
Lady:  "You Sick!"
Me: Yea sort of
Lady:  "Awwww come here baby and let me give you a hug" lol

Man at the Cash Register
Man: So I've got this rash on my leg, what can I get for it?
Me: Well....have you been to the doctor
Man:  Nah......he'll probably just tell me I have CANCER or something....
Me:  Well you never know IT HAPPENS! lol