Free Stuff for Cancer Patients

So since being diagnosed I have come across so many FREE things for those who have cancer.  Guess there's an advantage to this whole cancer thing lol j/k.  But I wanted to share this with others so they could take advantage of it. 

My number one and most favorite thing I have come across is a program called Good Wishes.  This program is through the France Luxe  Company.  This company sells all sorts of hair supplies and has a program that offers one free head scarf or head wrap to cancer patients. The head scarves are about $70 dollars a piece so its an amazing deal.  If you can afford it I would suggest purchasing something from them and contributing to this great foundation. The head scarves are AMAZING...I can not say enough great things about it. Here's a pic below of the I the one I got.

My second favorite program I have come across is called Chemo Angels.  If you are in active treatment you can sign up for the awesome program.  Usually one or two people "adopt" you and send you fun and uplifting cards and things to bringten your day. I know it has really helped me on many of my gloomy days. :)

Heavenly Hats is a program started by a young boy who had cancer as teenager. Many of hats are donated and so in turn you can not choose what type of hats you want  but you can  tell them what you want and they try and accomadate you.  But remember your not gonna get $100 dollar hats but you are still going to get some great hats :) 

Fill A Heart offers a free, heart-shaped pillow which comes in very handy after a mastectomy.  Many treatment centers and doctors offices also give out these pillows if you ask about them. :)

Cleaning for A Reason will provide three free housecleaning services for people undergoing chemotherapy. You have to fax a note from your doctor. May be overbooked in some areas, but is a very necessary service for those who can take advantage.  Knoxville does not have one that I've found but there are other areas in Tennessee that do. 

My favorite was the Look Good Feel Better. You sit with a group of ladies who all have cancer and are in various stages of chemo. A licensed esthetician teaches you to put on makeup to hide the changes chemo will cause, and you also walk out with an amazing goodie bag with tons of free (and name-brand) makeup. (One thing I hadn't thought of - your old makeup has bacteria on it - and when your white counts are low you can get an infection from it. So, this new makeup is not only fun but necessary for your health.) They also had some free hats at the class I took. I have not yet had time to get to one but I hear they are awesome.  :)

Casting For Recovery is a fabulous organization which offers weekend retreats for breast cancer patients in all stages of survival and teaches them fly fishing. Its a great bonding weekend where you have a blast, learn a new skill, and are spoiled by the volunteers who put it together. They offer retreats around the country and some overseas.

Below are also some websites I have includes that have lots of Pink Breast Cancer items

Here's a website where you can order great hats and scarves