Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Long Awaited Update

I just realized that its been almost 4 months since I've updated my blog and I'm sorry about that.  Seems like life is moving along so quickly it's hard for me to keep up.  But since September I've had my up and down moments.  Chemo is hard, this I can't deny.  But God hasn't left or forsaken me.  I have dealt with nausea, fatigue and all the side effects of chemo.  I like to stay positive even at Chemo here's a few pictures I've taken.  I am going to try to get up to date on my blog.  I have a page on facebook that I've been using but I know some people just read my blog. So I'm going to put my most recent updates from facebook to update everyone and then keep my blog up to date for there :)

I have been on different regimens of Chemotherapy, which of course have had their ups and downs.  I'm blessed enough to have people in my life who come and sit with me during chemotherapy no matter how long it takes.  I am happy to announce that on my last PET scan was CLEAR!!  Praise the Lord!  I know its easy to praise the lord when things are good but I am continuing to praise him through all of the storms that I see on a daily basis.  I want every one to know that no matter what your battle, whether it be cancer or anything else,  God is with you.
Here's a few fun photos that I took during Chemo:




Missy Kane Bemiller said...

You are one tough cookie w amazing faith Thx for sharing and great to hear some good news too

Rachael Koontz said...

I have started following you on Facebook. I think you are AMAZING!=)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you have truly blown my mind. I love our faith and trust in God, even throught the tough times, and you know Tough! I began at the beginning of your blog and followed it through yesterday. I manage the radiation therapy center next to Dr. Brig's office. We just opened in Aug. I saw your blog on the Raby Ramblings blog and had to read it. I and my staff are praying for you and expecting miracles. We are celebrating the good news of your PET scan also.

NicoleB said...

What's your fb page? Can you send us a link??

cyndi said...

I host a Christian cancer blog and I would like to link your blog from mine.

The purpose of my blog is a "one stop" site for Christians looking for fellow sojourners also on an unasked for journey with cancer. I try to find specific cancer blogs written by Christians.

You are an inspiring writer in the midst of a storm. I do believe you could help other young women who are dealing with their cancer in offering insight and encouragement.

In Christ,
Cyndi Heath

Lucia O'Quinn said...

Hi! My name is Lucia and I was wondering if you could take this survey for my high school science project? It's completely confidential and it would really help me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in November and have been getting chemo for 4 months now. Gosh it sucks!!! But just like you, I lean on God for my strength when I am weak. You are an inspiration to me. Keep fighting! Never give up HOPE!!
Praying for you in Las Vegas
Vicky Santana said...

God bless you sweetheart. Keep your humor!