Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Cancer Can't Do!!!

A while back I went to young cancer survivors meeting and met some really awesome people.  It was awesome and still scary to meet young women with cancer.  But it was great more than anything to have people to talk to who really understood...who had experienced what I was going through and could really give me advice.  There are some days where I find myself sulking and thinking of how much this disease has already taken from me...how its already slowed my life and the plans I had but I try and constantly remind myself  I AM BLESSED.....this could be worse....and I have the opportunity to use take this disease and use it for glory of God.   I have to remember this is the life God gave to me...a precious gift from him....he knows my first and my last breath...and he knows all the twists and turns my life will take.  To say I'm not scared would be lie.....to say I dont' cry and scream and get angry with God  would also be a lie, but going through all this has made my faith and my relationship with God that much stronger.  This disease has already taught me to trust him for EVERYTHING...b/c everything is a gift from him and I try to live according to his word....though there are days when I find that to be very hard.  I just wanted to share that b/c it was on my heart and I also wanted to share a poem I read on a fellow survivors blog because I thought it was soo awesome......

It CANNOT silence Courage

It CANNOT cripple love

It CANNOT shut out memories

It CANNOT shatter hope

It CANNOT eat away peace

It CANNOT reduce eternal life

It CANNOT destroy confidence

I​t CANNOT quench the Spirit

It CANNOT corrode FAITH!!!!!

I​t CANNOT kill friendship


Kerry ABOUT ME said...

Hey Sarah!

I LOVE LOVE this poem! It is SO true! Cancer seems like such a powerful word but when you think about it, it is how we react to the word that gives it so much power. God takes that power away because ultimately we know we have Him. How cool is that? So proud of you survivor sister. Keep up the good fight! Lots of love,


Babs said...

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