Thursday, January 19, 2012

Full Brain Radiation......I Look Like Robo Cop lol

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Mold of My Head
So I apologize for droppin that last bomb on people and then not updating until now.  Seems like I've been a little over-whelmed with life lately and how drastic things are changing but no worries I am trudging ahead.  So as of today 1/18/2010 I have 3 more full brain radiation treatments to go.....YAY!   They are then going to wait a week or two and do another MRI of the brain to see how the radiation has worked.....or in other words to see if the tumors have shrank at all.   Since my last post I have been doing full brain radiation treatments every morning...and If u know me then u know I of course had to take pics to maybe help people understand what exactly they do in full brain radiation.  First they have to make a mold of my head and for all you ladies and even men who have had a paraffin done one their hands or feet that is kind of what it feel like when they mold the plastic to your face.  Here's a pic. Now you may ask why they have to make a mold of my head...why can't I just lay down on the table since we know all the radiation is going straight into my brain......have no fear...I asked that question and they said it was because they wanted to double check that my head didn't move and since we r dealing with such things as radiation...I agree lol. 
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Me and The Mask Bolted To Table...Get A-load of that Nose lol
So every morning I get up and I try and worry less, which I know sounds crazy and I try and remind myself that God's got this....he has promised to hold my hand and I can feel him...literally....I know he's there and I pray and I head to radiation and it only takes about ten minutes. The first day freaked me out a bit and if u look at this next pic you will see why
...because not only do they have u in a mask they also bolt you down to the something from saw.  When the radiation begins it smells like burning plastic and the first time I heard it I swear the first thing I said to my self was "I swear if I die because this plastic burns into my face when I get to the pearly gates I'm having God send me back because I"m haunting EVERYBODY!" lol  ..but luckily I"m still here and the smell is just a common side effect of those receiving full brain radiation so I've come to expect in my day to day treatments. 
Another part of the radiation is that well its going to kill my hair follicles on the hair and has already begun to do so but I'm hoping to keep my hair as long as possible.  Hoping this second time might not be as bad as the first.
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Just Me After I Finished A Morning Round of Radiation

But if you've ever lost your hair you may have experienced this but your hair actually hurts when it many evenings I lay on the couch with a extra large ice pack on my head to freeze my hair follicles because when my hair moves it actually hurts because the follicles are dead...its CRAZY!...sorry  I dont' have a pic of will be my next project. 

OK so onto our next line of treatment.  My oncologist has started me on what I light to call a "light" chemo...if that even exists.  We started today and its called Herceptin.  I did it IV when I was in nursing school and tolerated it rather my prayer is that I will do that same again. I am also taking a medication call Tykerb 5 times a day and as soon as the radiation is over I will also start on a pill call Xeloda.  If you know me then u know I HATE taking pills so this is nightly struggle for me but I do as I am told.
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Me and My 2 Favorite Oncologists :)
Proverbs 4:27  Equilibrium. Balance of the heart and mind and passions. To set out boldly in the winds of life and circumstances and neither bend nor falter.  Plant your feet solidly on the Rock.  Let the winds blow about you with all their force. They have no power to harm you, for I AM your Rock.  I AM your anchor Let Me be your peace, your power, your stabilizer. Bend neither to the right nor the left but receive your balance in Me" 


bev said...

thanks for the update lovely... you are in my prayers. i know our God is FAITHFUL, and will hold you tight through this journey.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just loved your verse at the end of this post. It is so very hard to stay on course, and not to swerve to the right or left. There can be so many fearful thoughts and dark places, and these can cause us to question so many things we thought we would never falter with. But He is faithful, isn't He??? I'm so glad He is proving that to you.

I know about that hair thing, and it does hurt. I tried wearing a wig, but it was really painful. No one understands when you say your hair hurts and you have none, but it does.

Thankyou for taking us step by step through this radiation process. You made it less scarey. I've often wondered how I would do through this. I burned so terribly bad with the radiation after the mastectomy. I said, never again.

I pray for you every single day, girl!!! I know you will remain strong and God will walk with you every single step of the journey!

tiffanyhaney5 said...

Thinking about you and praying for you!

Belinda said...

My friend Granna had the mask thingy and her nose was a lot pointier than yours lol. You sport the mask well I must say. We pray for you every night Sarah, thanks for the update. I look forward to the next one. With God, all things are possible!!!

Sharon said...

I cannot begin to tell you what a walking, talking testimony you are. God must be so proud. I have kept up with you from the beginning because I am a long time friend of your Aunt Annis. You have definitely strengthened my faith and I pray daily for your healing. And your sense of humor is unbelievable! All you need with the beautiful mask is a sword! Keep that great attitude going! God bless you through this journey!

LENG said...

What a lovely post from you. I am sorry I have not been here as often as I should. I know God will bring you through this setback and has healed you and made you whole.

Your faith is awesome, inspiring,and is an encouragement to me. What you face makes lifes daily trials look frivlous and it makes me ashamed that I have my life and worry (which the Bible says it is a sin to worry)about stupid stuff that God has already taken care of for me.

God bless you and I am keeping you in my prayers!

Paula Oliver said...

Hi Sarah! :)

We don't know each other but we are sisters in Christ. I was surfing the web tonite and came across your blog and have been browsing through it and am really am enjoying it! I also love the Lord with all my heart and am Her2 positive. You might enjoy poking through the archives of my blog--there is loads of humor there (part of God's Rx plan for me "a merry heart doeth good like medicine")--along with things that I hope will also bless others also going through tough times beit cancer or something else rough-- with the confort He is comforting me with. Here are a couple of my favorites that I hope will also be encouraging to you:

"Never a Bad Hair Day ;) "

My ongoing"1000 Gifts" gratefulness list: (has some encouraging Scripture, quotes, and thoughts the Lord blessed me along with other stuff from this past year:

You might like my running list of "Cancer Fightin' words" like Her2 is not too hard for Him2 abolish into oblivion :) or some "Can'ts of Cancer"

Anyway--hope these are somehow a blessing and encouragement to you. I just lifted you in prayer.

If you are interested (no pressure or expectation). I'd love for us to pray for each other and encourage each other. God is ALWAYS up to something good...always!

Gratefully His,


Paula Oliver said...

P.S.: Did you write this below? I LOVE it! May I share it in my blog with proper credit? Thx

Proverbs 4:27 Equilibrium. Balance of the heart and mind and passions. To set out boldly in the winds of life and circumstances and neither bend nor falter. Plant your feet solidly on the Rock. Let the winds blow about you with all their force. They have no power to harm you, for I AM your Rock. I AM your anchor Let Me be your peace, your power, your stabilizer. Bend neither to the right nor the left but receive your balance in Me"