Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surgery 102......The Next Step in Life's New Journey

So the Surgery Date has been set for 10 am tomorrow  at Baptist West. I know I'm just now posting a blog the DAY BEFORE surgery but that's because I just scheduled it on Monday.  I obviously don't want to have the surgery and my head knows that its just trying to convince my heart that its something I have to do.  I have struggled with it for almost a week and I knew that if I waited 3 more weeks till school was over I was giving the cancer 3 more opportune weeks to do or go where ever else it wanted to.  As hard as my decision was (it actually wasn't even a decision it was just actualy scheduling the surgery that was tough) I know that I have not choice and I can't be stupid or play games when it comes to cancer.  I am blessed enough to have friends who have called, texted, emailed, sent presents, cards etc. to me and just really listened to my fears about the whole situation.  I wish I had enough money to pay everyone back for all they've meant to me but even then it still wouldn't show my gratitude and thankfullness for all of u.  Though the road before me is uncertain I still choose to praise god through this storm and say blessed be the name of the Lord....I know he's with me through it all.
Here's a pic of me and few friends having a pre-surgery celebration.......I am so blessed. :)

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