Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pay It Forward

I wanted to share a story of what happened to me today at my local walmart. My mother and I went in to get a few things and like most people we ended up getting more than we thought we would. I was pooring the raining and I'm talking about the flooding. We were loading our groceries into our car when a man and his son passed by and I heard the man say to his son....before I knew what was happening this man and his son were grabbing the bag out of our cart and loading them in the car. I'm just gonna say that I had to pick my lip up off the concrete. I dont' think in my 24 years on this earth I have ever had anyone help me with my groceries for the sheer sake of just helping me. I was dumb founded and if it hadn't been raining I would have loved to have shook this man's hand and told him thank you and what a great dad he was. He was not only telling his son how he should be but he was showing him and I thought it was just amazing. I just wanted to share this because its something I rarely see and it made me think how many times I probably pass up someone who needs a little help with something because I'm too caught up in my own life. I have thought about it since it happened this morning and I felt like this man's simple example showed how we as christians should treat each other and how we should do for each other for the sheer sake of wanting to help someone.
I admit many times at work when I walk out of the pharmacy I see people looking lost down the aisles and while I know most of the store since I have worked there so long...many times I put my head down and keep walking. But now I'm gonna make a real effort to look and help people just because they need it because one man did it for me today and it totally made my day and was just another example of how God speak to us and uses us through service to others. It also reminded me of the movie "Pay It Forward". One kind act can spark a movement that would have us all helping each other. Just thought this was a great story to share :)

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