Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life's Full of Laughter :)

I am so blessed with friends who are so willing to listen to me complain and go with me to treatment that its beyond me.

My friend Jessie came with me to one of my weekly treatments last week and we had so much fun. When we go there we sat in the waiting room the nurse comes in and calls out "Jessie....Jessie". So no one answers this nurse as Jessie and I just look at each other and I'm like SURPRISE U HAVE CANCER lol. Guess Jessie didn't realize occompaning me to treatment would me should would also occompany me in "having" the cancer as well. ha ha Ok maybe it doens't so as funny when I type it but I promise it really was. Finally this old woman seated right in front of the nurse stands up and says "Oh thats me, I'm Jessie". ha ha After my treatment we went to see the doctor who FYI is AMAZING. If you ever get cancer Raymond Brigs is who you wanna see. I expressed to him my current nightmares of having Stage 4 cancer than they hadn't found yet. I freaked as he poked and proded all over my body saying "You find something" which he responded by pulling my hat down over my eyes and telling me I needed to calm down lol. You would be surprised how many fears can hit you after something like this rocks your world. But Dr. Brigs assured me I was fine and that the stress I was putting on myself was very un-needed and that I was in the re-covery process and needed to focus on that. Another funny part to that day was my nose bleed.....well maybe it wasn't funny but the pics sure were...
If you can't laugh with everything I've found in my short time on this journey you won't be able to make it through.  And if there's one thing Jessie and I can do its laugh.  On that note I have another funny story to tell. (you'll find I could tell stories all day ha ha)  So I ran into a gentle man who frequently comes into our pharmacy and is always joking with us.  We began talking and he told me how pretty my hat was and soon I went into the story of how I was doing chemo and had lost all my hair and that was why I was wearing the hat.  He then looks at me and says "U know cancer had kiilled my entire wife's family"......I'm like "Oh really...I"m really sorry to hear that".  I said "I'm gonna be okay I all I have to do is chemo and I should be golden" to which he responds "You know what really kills u......the CHEMO!!"  So its at this point I've come to the realization he has NO IDEA how what he says sounds I just keep going with it. I told him that I had to go but I would "see him later" to which his response was "I sure hope so!". LOL  WOW is really the only words to describe this little old man.....I truly don't think he said anything trying to be me or negative...even though it might have come out that way.   It was literally so funny I couldn't have prepared myself for I just laughed with it and knew he meant well. (you seriously can't hate the little old man ha ha)  But I thought it was a funny story.  This week my friend Heather came with me to treatment and I tell you there's nothing better than a friend who sits with you and just a simple conversation for a few hours can make you smile so much you forget your sick.  She's awesome :)  Friends and family can truly make life so much sweeter and easier...even when it seems so hard. I am so blessed :)

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I am so glad your friends hang out with you during your treatments to make your day a little brighter. :) That man in your post cracks me up. I've met people like that who just don't get what they are saying. Way to roll with the punches. You will get your strength back and life will return to normal. In the meantime whoop that cancer's tail for me!