Thursday, December 17, 2009

Surgery 101

So I am 3 days post-op. I can say that these first few days following surgery have not been absoloutely horrrible...I mean they have not been great but u know. Before surgery I had to go in and have a few guide wires put in and that was once again not the most pleasant experience. But I survived and kept going on the hospital to get the big stuff done. Surgery went well. The surgeon said he got everything and that he was happy with the way things went. Before surgery I was terrified to say the least...when Dr. Webber first came in my room...I cried as I asked him.... Will you take good care of me? He put his hand on my leg and said yes and I truly felt like he meant it. But still I was scared. I had about 10 people or so come in and out of the room they put me in before I went back and it was so wonderful to see my family before I went back. I made them wait to give me the fentanyl and versad until I had seen everyone so I could remember them. But let me just say when they gave it to me......It was awesome lol. Most of my anxiety went away as soon as it hit my blood stream. But after I had said my goodbyes to Channing and my mom and they wheeled me back into the operating fears soon hit me one last time. I have to brag on my surgeon for a moment and tell everyone a story. As started to put the gas mask on me I threw my had up in the air and said WAIT!..Can you do one more thing before you put me to sleep...Can you pray? And with that he took my hand and a few nurses and the anesthesiologist gathered around me and he prayed for me and for the surgery. It is a moment that i will probably never forget.
The next thing I remember I was awoken by a nurse and can barely remember seeing shadows of my mom, channing, brother, aunt and uncle. I cried a little as some does when under anesthesia and I was wheeled to the car and taken home.
The past few days have been ok. Getting used to sleeping only on ur back is something that I can say I will probably never like. And getting used to getting up with tubes coming out of u and remembering to grab ur fanny back that hold it all is always annoying (seriously I mean the 80s called yesterday and asked for their fanny pack back...I mean seriously who has fanny packs these days lol). However, it is only for a few days so I can deal. Yesterday I finally got to take a shower which was what I will call a maneuvering task because I had to wrap all the tubes around me so they would not hang and pull on me. But I took full advantage of the water and stayed in till it turned cold lol.
Today I am hoping to take out my pain pumps as they look empty..but I won't lie I'm kind of nervous about idea of pulling some small as it may be out of me. I will also say that the support and Love I have felt the past few days has been one that always bring me to tears. I have gotten cards, texts, food, facebook messages...u name it and it has meant so much to me. God has been so faithful to be with me through it all and he has truly blessed me beyond anything that I deserve.
"I will exalt you, my God and King, and praise your name forever and ever. I will praise you everyday; yes, I will praise you every day; yes I will praise you forever. Greast is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise! No one can measure his greatness. Psalm 145 1-3

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